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At Sacred Heart Senior Care, we believe that everyone deserves care like no other. This is why we strive to provide professional services and compassionate care to a mixed population of elderly people aged 60 and over within a comfortable home environment. Our care providers are fully trained and equipped for those suffering from memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, along with any others who need assistance with the Activities of the Daily Livings (ADLs).

We believe that everyone in our care should be loved, supported, and be provided the best comfort available. This is why we cultivated an environment, where residents can feel right at home –– a fresh surrounding to build relationships, to make new memories, and to even work on their personal growth. An environment filled with new faces and different routines, could be difficult to adjust to, but with a caring and considerate staff, partnered with a positive community –– Sacred Heart Senior Care will truly feel like home.

We understand the challenges that come with taking care of someone you love dearly. From basic grooming to medication management, and even their daily activities and tasks, there’s nothing you would not do for them. We, at Sacred Heart, share your love and care –– and we, too, want to do our best for them. Allow us to provide you, and your loved one with what we do best –– our professional services, and unending compassionate care.

What We Do

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Learn more about our holistic care and quality services we offer for older adults. Contact us today at (949) 600-7009 to ask questions or to schedule a no-obligation tour of our facility.

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